Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012

Syllabus Errorum

First full band release of A Great Volcano, second EP. Recorded at Alte Maelzerei in August 2011, released on Oct. 2 - sorry we know it took us quite a long time to upload it, hope you will enjoy it, thanks to everyone who bought the CD version (no longer available, sorry).

1. The Luminous Wheel
2. Wyndham
3. Ego Ripper
4. The Luminous Wheel
5. Jesus In Bearfurs
6. Kick Kids Back
7. How To Run A Deserted Pub

Philipp Kastropp - palaver
Dieter Ehness - guitar, keyboards
Dennis Schifferl - bass
Wolfgang Landshuter - drums

Recorded and mixed by Dieter.
Cover artwork by Dennis.
Guest vocals on track 4 by Glufke, with friendly courtesy of Zwei Tage: Ohne Schnupftabak.

Hocus Pocus

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